About Us

Tailor Phuong Nam is a small boutique clothes and tailor shop situated in the heart of Vietnam’s premiere tourist destination – HoiAn ancient town. Located at 15 Tran Phu Street, the shop is close to some of HoiAn’s major attractions. The HoiAn market is around the corner, two of HoiAn’s Assembly Halls are opposite and the famous Japanese Bridge is at the end of the street.

Tailor Phuong Nam has been in business as a tailor shop for over thirty years, one of the oldest and best established tailor shops in HoiAn.

Tailor Phuong Nam is owned, operated and managed by Mrs. Thu Thao. Thao is a second-generation tailor following in the footsteps of her mother, Mrs. My Linh, who started the business in the 1980’s. Thao’s mother taught her not only the skills of designing and tailoring custom made garments but also a business philosophy of producing quality products and providing great customer service. Unlike the larger HoiAn Tailoring shops, Tailor Phuong Nam customers can meet and talk with its owner. Thao graduated from Da Nang University, majoring in English, so communications with her will always be easy.

Thao has two assistants and other family members to support her at Tailor Phuong Nam. Hong, or Pink in English, is one of her assistants. She greets customers with her beautiful smile and is very skillful and helpful and can offer good advice on designs and fabrics. Her other assistant, Ly, is very friendly with a great sense of knowledge and an attention to detail.

Thao, Hong and Ly have developed fantastic customer service and will ensure that you are delighted with your garments!

To complete your orders, Tailor Phuong Nam has many tailors situated in their workshops close to the shop. The tailors generally specialize in women or men’s clothes and are available to work at short notice. In case you have just a few hours left in HoiAn, Tailor Phuong Nam will probably be able to accommodate your needs as the tailors can share the work to finish your order within a very short timeframe, including personal fittings to ensure an exact and quality garment.

Thanks to the expert co-operation and processes between Thao, her assistants and tailors, your orders will be completed quickly and quality controlled by Thao, or assistants, for perfect workmanship, 'fit' and appearance.

When you would like clothes made by Tailor Phuong Nam, you firstly need to choose your design(s). You can choose a design from a model displayed in the shop, from fashion catalogues, from a garment you have with you or from a website. After you have chosen your design, Thao or her assistants, can help you to select a suitable fabric(s) and to take accurate measurements, which are all important parts of the process to produce high quality clothes.